Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be by HeatherAsh Amara

Has your Higher Power ever given you a book recommendation? Like you keep seeing or hearing about a certain book – over and over and over again – until you finally agree to read it? Because that’s exactly what happened with me and this book!


Warrior Goddess Training by Heatherash Amara was published in 2014 and it wasn’t very long after that I was made aware of its existence. I knew I was supposed to read this book. It popped up constantly for me. However, I kept deciding to put it off…

“No, no. Not now. I’m really busy!”

“See…I’m reading these other 5 books at the moment. I’ll get around to it.”

“But I don’t want to have to buy it!!! Another time.”

When I left my abusive husband in 2017, all thoughts about ordering books or what to read were put on hold and replaced with thoughts like “How am I going to stretch this $13.00 in my checking account?” and “Is this heart-scorching agony and incessant torture ever going to end?!?!?” So yeah, I wasn’t in a real good place to accept this book.

In 2018, this book popped up in my path yet again and started whispering to me.  I searched the local library system and – Holy Dewey Decimals! The book was now available in my extended library system. There were a surprising amount of people waiting to read it so I requested it and thought “Okay, this might take awhile. But whenever it comes will be the right time for me to read it.” And that was that. I waited SIX MONTHS for this book to show up. And, can you believe it? It came right as my divorce finalized and I was in need of an emotional & spiritual life tune-up. Divine Timing for the win! 

So was the long wait worth it? Let me tell ya what I think, friend…

The information presented in Warrior Goddess Training by Heatherash Amara is based on the fascinating blending of Toltec warrior philosophy and european goddess spirituality – both of which Amara has lived and studied extensively. The book takes you through ten Warrior Goddess Training lessons and every lesson has a topic summary as well as exercises to complete that get you feeling, thinking, and processing your own choices. These along with key term definitions, additional book recommendations to further explore each lesson topic, AND a companion workbook as well as several other books in the series? HOLY HELL YES! I really don’t know if I’ve ever experienced such a thorough writing and teaching job. Heatherash Amara has done well!

There were so many pieces of wisdom in this book that lit up my heart like the loveliest Lite-Brite scene and had me letting out those deep, breathy “this hits home” sighs. Some of the most memorable wisdom (for me) included:

  • the discussion of linear living vs. cyclic living found in Lesson Two: Align with Life where Amara says you make yourself suffer by expecting certain outcomes if you do A, B, or C (linear living) instead of accepting that life ebbs and flows in many unexpected ways (cyclic living)
  • the exercise in Lesson Four: Ground Your Being and Free Your Past where Amara asks you to use some emotional elbow grease to rub the victim grime right off of your life stories and create new stories with the power of changing your perception. Click here to see how I did it!
  • how Amara lovingly calls you out on your tendency to create a false sense of security by controlling, distracting, isolating, or pleasing in Lesson Six: Claim Your Strength and Ignite Your Will
  • and the call-to-action in Lesson Ten: Choose Your Path where Amara states that Warrior Goddess women “can bring healing back to the planet and the people” and calls you to be brave enough to become who you are meant to be – not only for your own benefit but the benefit of the world

I’m deeply moved and greatly impressed by this book. It’s obvious that Amara has labored extensively to bring this book to the world and I’m very grateful. Was this book worth the wait? Absolutely. I’m begrudgingly returning the book to the library tonight because it’s overdue (I know, I know. I had to finish it! 😬) but definitely not because I want to let it go.

But one more thing I want to say…

In Warrior Goddess Training, Amara references a quote from another book of hers called The Toltec Path of Transformation. And the quote says this: “Change is inevitable but transformation is by conscious choice.” I read those words and fell in love with them.

I know so many people who have lived through countless changes in their lives (the every-day kind & the traumatic kind) but haven’t allowed themselves to be transformed by them. Sure, maybe they’ve been slightly altered because of the changes that have occurred. Maybe they’ve become more bitter, distrusting, cynical, fearful, etc. But they haven’t experienced the beauty and peace of transformation because they didn’t consciously choose to walk that path. I bet you know people like that too. And, you know, I respect their right to choose their own path but I think it’s sad for them…and sad for everyone else too.

So will you make a pinky promise with me right now?

Will you pinky promise to choose to be transformed by the hard things that have happened (and the hard things that may happen in the future?) To use the pain to progress yourself? Because you matter too much to not choose transformation and grow into everything you’re meant to be. And I pinky promise to do the same. ❤️

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