Hey there, I’m Cassandra Kali. ❤️

I’m a writer, a bookworm, an exercise enthusiast, and a real big NERD.*

I’m also a single mom and a divorced survivor of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, the dysfunctional family dynamics going on in my marriage weren’t a “new” thing to me. In fact, they’ve often been a part of my story. My father suffers from drug addiction and what we generally refer to as schizophrenia. My mother is an alcoholic, convicted felon who was in prison for a good portion of my childhood. They divorced when I was about 6 years old. I grew up being ping-ponged between different people but was generally raised by my alcoholic grandfather and codependent grandmother. The list of malfunction goes on and on but I’ll spare you the details. The point is that you don’t walk out of that adolescence without long-lasting effects. 

And long-lasting effects I had. 

I did well in school. I took care of my siblings. I did a lot to try to “keep it together” and take care of everyone else, but I just couldn’t outrun my trauma. No one can. Because no one can outrun themselves. Believe me, I’ve tried…

As I hamster-wheeled through life trying to figure out why everything felt so hard and I how I could be so stupid, I felt like an imposter who was one slip up away from crumbling. I met a boy in college who seemed dorky and kinda sweet and there were some of those…what do you call them….red flags? But I ignored them because that’s what you do when you’ve in love, right? We had a baby, got married, bought a house, all those things I thought “normal” people did. Then, a miscarriage painfully pickhammered my heart open like a geode and set me on a path of healing that I could’ve never imagined…

In the years that have followed, I’ve attended counseling, discovered energy healing, had another baby, found a family in Al-Anon, connected with my Higher Power, focused on my inner child, journaled a trillion times, divorced my abusive husband, practiced how to advocate for and parent traumatized children, explored Ancestral Healing, pondered questions about culture and how they relate to wellness, studied the nervous system and the effects of trauma on somatic health, & cried enough tears to flood the earth approximately three times over. Maybe four. And I continue to learn, make mistakes, and grow.

Now, I’m openly offering to you my story of heartbreak, healing, & hope with the genuine wish that you’ll feel less alone. You can think of me as a really close friend. Or a cool aunt who can guide you to do better than she did. Whatever works for you! I just want to use what I know to help you on your own healing journey. Within my writing, I’m sharing my personal experiences with healing and recovery, 12 step work, book reviews, my nerdy* obsessions and how they relate to recovery, and so much more!

Can I just say how happy I am that you’re here?!

If all of this sounds good to you, go ahead and click here to get the latest insights, information, & inspiration – straight from me to you.

And I’ll be talking with you soon! 

With my love,

Cassandra ❤️

*But seriously. I’m so nerdy. Be prepared for cheesy references to Firefly, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and so many more fandoms. Plus my perspectives on all of them. I can’t help myself. Sorry not sorry. 😉