Rollercoaster of Love

Imagine there is this roller coaster that you have ridden before and you absolutely hate it! It is the scariest, twistiest, loopiest, craziest, whatever. The point is that you cannot stand being on this particular roller coaster. Any time you’ve ever jumped on this thing, you’ve been a complete and utter mess afterwards.


Giving up the Fantasy and Living Your Life

Okay, I know how funny it seems for me of all people to suggest that anyone give up anything having to do with “fantasy” seeing as I kinda believe deep down in my core that the Wizarding World could be real and my dream job is to join Starfleet as a Science Officer and spend many years boldly going all over the place…

Fear not, friends. I’m not asking you to give up any of that fantasy deliciousness.  Have fun with that stuff all you want! What I’m talking about are the not-so-fantastic fantasies: the expectations we create and hold onto about what our relationships and our families and our careers and our lives and our bodies are supposed to look like. You know what I’m talking about… (more…)